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Britney Young is back on team skeet. This hot teen blonde that knows how to fuck a man to get what she wants. And this time she’s gotten into a bit of trouble as her college grades aren’t so good. So when she caught her teach alone she just pun on some moves and she had him. So watch the guy pound away at her tight teen pussy in this awesome gallery. Another troubled student is here with a  hot update for all you lucky guys. Her name is Britney and she is this slutty blonde that’s more about partying that studying. So at the end of her semester when she saw that she was failing her exams she realized that she had to do something. So the next day she went straight to her principle’s office but he wasn’t there so she finally found him in a classroom. She took advantage that he was all alone and started flirting with him. Well one thing lead to another and before you know it she was getting roughly pounded in every position right there in the middle of the classroom. No need to say that she passed all her exams with A+. this is what I call a hardworking student.


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Today teamskeet brings you the exploits of lovely Lidia. A very horny red haired teen with a very eager and horny pussy. So this lady got her hands on a guy that she got into an argument with and since she’s not one to quit easy she decided to teach him a lesson. So watch her give him a blowjob he won’t soon forget. another slutty babes is here to show off her skills. This one was having an argument with her gym teacher and ended up staying way pass her classes just discussing. But he thought to chance the subject and he started asking her more personal questions. Of course they ended up talking about sex. She was opened to the subject and answered his every question, but unfortunately that made him only hornier. So he started hitting on her. She noticed it and thought to give it a try, although he wasn’t her type he was kind of hot. So after some quick kisses she started playing with his hard cock and after giving it a good rub she started to suck it. Insane!


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TeamSkeet – Katie King

Hey guys,  teamskeet here making our first appearance. We always am to bring you the best porn content and you bet you won’t regret it. For this time we have Katie King a teen with a passion for hard core sex. So in this update you get to see sweet Katie get her tight pussy thoroughly fucked and stretched. This cute teen meet with one of her college class mates to do a project for school, but she didn’t knew that he kind had a crush for her and so they ended up all alone at her place with lots of bed ready to be used. He started getting closer and closer to her, then he started kissing her and slowly undressing her. then while he was kissing her neck he started massaging her tits. From there to the nearest bed it wasn’t a long way so once they jumped in the sack he wanted to film it all of course. So thanks to this guy we have our latest update with this horny teen riding his big cock. Enjoy it and be sure to check out the entire gallery to see what happens next !


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