Teem Skeet – Blair Williams babysitter sucking off her boss’ dick!

Teanskeet brought a new chick for you guys and her name is Blair Williams. Blair is a hardworking girl that needed some extra cash so to started babysitting rich guy’s kids and that how she met Mr. Johnson. Everything went smooth until one day she broke the only rule she had. She brought a boy to the house when she was supposed to take care of his child. Of course then Mr. Johnson called to check up and he heard her boyfriend talking in the background. He went immediately home and found Blair sucking off her boyfriend’s dick in one of the rooms. After kicking him out of his place he went to talk with Blair about what happened. But he changed his mind and asked her for a blowjob instead and everything was forgotten. After all she was a great babysitter. This is all for today but make sure you check out the entire teenskeet gallery.


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Actors: Blair Williams