Holly Taylor

This week teamskeet brings you Holly Taylor. She’s a college teen that got in trouble for skipping classes at the college today. So what could she do…..well she did come up with an idea and battered her eyelashes at him, so 5 minutes later they were naked and she was riding his huge cock. Holly sure knows how to get out of troubles. Her teachers started complaining about her missing classes so her college principle had to take some measures. So Holly ended up stuck in detention after classes for an entire week. She was so bored, she sure wasn’t going to study for her exams so she found a better way to spend her time. Holly put her eyes on the hot detention teacher. He was a bit older then her, cute face, hot body and what she hoped a big cock to go with the entire package. So the other day when she was alone with him in class she started hitting on him and with a body like hers who can really say no.  So she grabbed him by his cock and started rubbing it. You can imagine that only made him hornier than he was before.Until next time, enjoy everyone, and also have a look at the Instagram page for more photos.


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